Right for Jakkolo/Sjoelbak Sport.

Certified for official tournaments by the Dutch, Belgian and German Sjoelbak/Jakkolo associations.

The world championship is played on this board (see photo above ).
The right choice for training if a new game is needed.
The best players prefer this product.
Only this model has the material and finish to make Jakkolo/Sjoelbak playing technique reproducable.

Technical data: Height: 6 cm; Length: 200 cm; Width: 41 cm; Weight: 6,5 kg. Made in Holland.
The package includes 30 game disks (made in Holland, competition quality!).

Tournament model made by one of the biggest Dutch manufacturers.
It is made entirely of first-rate material.
The edges are made of Meranti triplex, the bars of beech wood and the playing field of "Okumé" wood (Look great!).
Only hardwood is used in production to ensure extreme stability.

It consists of a board on which round wooden disks are shot into goals.
A game for young and old. But watch out! It can be addicting.
Great for youth work and as a gift for the whole family!
Hold a tournament with friends.
After you're done playing, the game can be stored upright behind a cabinet, for example.
This Jakkolo has been supplied to many youth organizations, schools, social centers and discriminating private customers.
You can lay it on the table and play while seated.

The surface of the playing field is specially treated.
Brass nails are used for keeping score.

It is delivered with playing instructions packed in a carton.

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Usually in stock for immediate delivery.
Delivery time four weeks max.
Please enquire by email about special offers.
All customers get an invoice.
Every game as been quality checked before shipment.
The item is new and the guarantee-time is 2 years with private use.

Game Rules (summary):

Shoot as many disks into the goals as you can. Disks that don't land in the goal on their own have to be shot into goal using subsequent disks (like playing pool). Each player gets three shots per round. After each round, the "scored" disks are stacked up in the goals. The disks lying on the playing field or sticking out of the goals are used for the next round.
The goals are assigned the point totals "1", "2", "3" and "4".
If one disk lands in each goal, then each "team" (with one disk in each goal) gets 4 * 5, in other words 20 points, plus the number of points on the goal for the remaining disks. There are 30 disks for each game, meaning a maximum of 148 possible points. It's not that easy, but it is a lot of fun!!!